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Bridge Over Brook

Synergistic Knowledge and Vision

Founded in 2010, Bridge Over Brook specializes in eye care communication.

  • Bridge Over Brook, Inc. is a company that offers all aspects of scientific and medical consulting services combined with the ability to generate novel medical illustration and graphic interface design.

  • The breadth of our technical and scientific expertise allows for easy integration with your organization to save you time and ensure a quality product.

  • The staff at Bridge Over Brook are happy to work with individuals as well as small to large companies that require additional support to complete their projects in a timely and efficient manner.

    • Kurt Brubaker majored in microbiology at Michigan State University through the Lyman Briggs program. He went on to doctoral studies in anatomy/neurobiology at Colorado State University.

      Following graduate school, he spent several years at Northwestern University performing molecular biology/protein structure research before taking a position in 2001 at Inspire Pharmaceuticals in Durham, North Carolina in the Research Triangle Park. Kurt spent five years in the pharmacology lab at Inspire involved in various aspects of the drug discovery process before entering in to clinical research. He worked in both the Ophthalmology and Respiratory sides of the Clinical Development organization at Inspire for several years before joining the Ophthalmology Medical Affairs group in 2008.

    • Laura Brubaker has always paired art with science. Graduating in 1996 with experience in biology, anatomy, photography, and fine art from Colorado State she participated in creating 3-D anatomical models from the Visible Human Project data. This creative combination lead her to graduate work in the biomedical visualization program at the University of Illinois Chicago. At UIC Laura was trained in medical and surgical illustration, prosthetics, graphic design and accessible web GUIs.

      Prior to founding Bridge Over Brook, Laura worked as lead designer for SciQuest. She has been illustrating for pharmaceutical and research interests since 2010. The Catalog of Ocular Illustration was initiated in 2018 to begin amassing a collection of comprehensive eye care illustrations. Science Source provides exclusive representation of her ocular imagery. Laura also works on custom illustrations for her clients.