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Writing and Editorial Services

Bridge Over Brook writes for scientific publications throughout the trade industry.

  • protocols - Bridge Over Brook can work with you as a single investigator in private practice or coordinate with Clinical, Regulatory and Statistics departments within a corporate clinical development group to design and draft clinical study protocols. We can help design the protocol from the beginning so that the results of the study are suitable for publication in high-tier journals and use with your Commercial organization.

  • manuscripts - Let us assist you in the identification of a target journal for publication of your study results. We can provide editorial assistance in a compliant manner by working with the authors to draft a quality manuscript for submission to a wide variety of journals. Tables and graphs can also be prepared as part of a package to provide a submission-ready manuscript.

  • clinical study reports - Drafting clinical study reports using internal resources can tie up valuable personnel. We can work with your Clinical Development group to prepare clinical study reports in your own template that are ready to file.

  • medical letters - A carefully crafted medical information letter is an effective way to respond to unsolicited questions from clinicians. Bridge Over Brook can help determine which types of questions would be best answered by a medical information letter in a compliant manner and work with you to design the letter for clear and efficient communication.

  • slide presentations - Bridge Over Brook can prepare slide presentations for a wide range of applications. Starting from either raw data, compiling data from multiple studies or other scientific source material, presentations can be drafted that are suitable for internal use (seminars, review of study results, sales training, workshops, etc…) or external use (investigator meetings, speaker training, dinner programs, etc…).

  • training modules - When launching a new product, it is important to provide training materials that are effective and straightforward to communicate to field representatives, while maintaining scientific accuracy. Bridge Over Brook can help your Sales Training team assemble materials to be used at any Commercial event (Initial Sales Training, Advanced Sales Training, National Sales meetings, etc…).